About us


  • The Erasmus MC Cancer Genome Editing Center (CGEC) facilitates genome editing. Genome editing is a combination of a multitude of techniques and has as end goal to change the genome of your desired cell type or organism such that you can answer your research question. The CGEC mainly facilitates techniques around CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing to generate mutations or integrations at a specified locus in the genome. We are a facility that will help you design your genome editing approach and we offer a multitude of genome editing resources. Some of the approaches are highlighted on this page and protocols can be downloaded. Please fill out a project proposal for further assistance.

Research goals

  • 1. To understand early disease mechanisms in leukemia predisposition syndromes focusing on Gata2 haploinsufficiencies.
    2. Implementation of novel tools for genome editing.


  • Research

    We implement the latest techniques in genome editing and provide ready to use protocols to keep your research up to speed.

  • Education

    To optimally use state-of-the-art genome editing tools, their mechanisms of operation need to be understood. Therefore, we teach courses to BSc, MSc and PhD within Erasmus MC and offer hands on tutorials for everyone starting to use these techniques within Erasmus MC.

  • Collaborations

    A network of (inter) national research groups is being established by CGEC to aid in achieving our research goals.